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Company TURBOLAT Ltd. was established for the purpose of implementation of main works atRiga’s Heating Power Plant Nr. 1 and Nr. 2. But taking into consideration broad experience and high qualification of company’s specialists, TURBOLAT Ltd. keeps taking part in assembling of technological equipment, maintenance, overhaul and routine repair, modernization of turbine units, steam-to-gas boilers, feeding pumps and other technological equipment.

We perform following works in Latvia and abroad:
– Installation, maintenance and repair of gas and steam turbines;
– Installation, maintenance and repair of power boilers;
– Installation and repair of pumps of any complexity;
– Assembling, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment and facilities;
– Installation and repair of water pipelines and steam pipelines, valves and fittings;
– Assembling of steel structures;
– Welding works of any complexity level.

Being an exclusive representative of Saint-Petersburg originated company LER-TURBO Ltd. (ООО «ЛЭР-ТУРБО») company TURBOLAT Ltd. is able to involve highly qualified engineering, technical and operating personnel of LER-TURBO Ltd. in order to perform specific repair works. Highly qualified personnel of LER-TURBO Ltd.  performs repair works of permanent and auxiliary equipment of heating power plants for more than 10 years now.